Rachael Biggs

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Behind the Eight Ball

Adaptation of Yearning for Nothings and Nobodies

Feature, 115 page Family Drama

Two steps forward, three steps back.

When she learns that her mentally ill, heroin-addicted mother has been rushed to ICU with liver failure, Caitlin has no interest in disrupting her carefully curated life, but old loves die hard.

"Behind the Eight Ball" Sample

Desperately Seeking Psychic

Pilot, 1/2 hour dark comedy

Starting over can be magical.

When Arden chooses motherhood over her husband and their upper-class life, she must find a way to support herself and dabbling in the occult as a fake psychic seems like just as viable an option as any.

"Desperately Seeking Psychic" Sample

Kill Me

Feature, 110 page Dramedy/Romantic Comedy

When you want something done right, hire a professional.

On the brink of suicide, but failing miserably, Elle decides to outsource the task to Hugo, but as their relationship pushes the boundaries of professionalism, will they be able to go through with it?

"Kill Me" Sample


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