Rachael Biggs


Rachael Biggs is an author and screenwriter who divides her time between Vancouver, and Los Angeles. She started writing as soon as she discovered pens and paper and began creating stories and winning contests as early as second grade. When her short story How Giraffes Got Their Long Necks, won elementary school accolades, destiny was set in motion. 

Upon graduating high school on Saltspring Island, she lived and traveled throughout Asia and Europe as a model and dancer, while writing her first novel Girls Like Us. Fortunately no one ever read it, because it was truly terrible.

Her first actual book Yearning for Nothings and Nobodies, is a memoir self-published to critical acclaim in 2012. It’s a gritty, darkly comedic, coming-of-age story about growing up with a drug-addicted, schizophreniac mother as well of a cast of other seedy characters. It has been likened to The Glass Castle or White Oleander and upon graduating film school with a screenwriting diploma in 2016, she adapted it to a feature film script as Behind the Eight Ball.

From there, she joined writer’s rooms as an assistant on a couple of non-inspiring shows, but the education proved most fruitful when in 2022 she optioned her dark comedy feature Kill Me

In January 2023, her short fiction anthology And I was like November will be released under Ingram Spark. Early reviews call the stories raw, compelling and uncomfortably authentic as they navigate themes of loneliness and longing through the eyes of women on the dark outskirts of society.

She is a regular contributor to several print and on-line literary publications where many of the stories from And I was like November were first published.

In her free time she hangs out with her beloved long-haired dachshund and makes lovely meals for them.


Started from the Bottom

Where do ideas come from?  This is something most writers get asked, as if we are wizards pulling fully actualized stories out of thin air. It’s something I’ve been pondering lately while seeking my next project and since I like to ponder on paper, I’ll ruminate here.  The beginnings of ideas have come to me in different ways; sometimes walking through an airport, or in the shower, and on more than one occasion in dreams. They can be a soundbite …

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